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Australian singer/songwriter Rick Price has walked the journey many musicians dreams are made of. From the very beginning, as a nine year old and the youngest member of his family’s band, music was Price’s Passion.


A multi-instrumentalist, Price continues to write and produce for numerous fellow artists.He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, where he completed his most recent album 'Tennessee Sky' released in July 2015. This Gospel, Soul and Roots recording demonstrates yet another side of Rick’s musical abilities and presents as his finest work to date. We caught up with Rick on the eve of his Australian tour – which includes Lizotte’s Newcastle on November 6th.


You were born in a small town in country Queensland…  what memories do you have of growing up in the country?  I remember the family traveling on country roads to perform at Barn Dances. Memories include playing rugby league and hanging out with my school buddies.


What challenges/hurdles does the “small country town” environment present to a budding musician? As I grew older there were of course limited performance opportunities. Eventually I had to move to a major city to expand my career.


Did you come from a musical household or were you the stand-out? Yes we were a musical family and performed together at Barn Dances and later advanced to hotels and clubs. Music played a major role in our early years.


You are a self-taught musician and play a number of instruments – what’s your instrument of choice and why?  I would say the guitar. It was my first instrument and I use it as a percussion instrument as well.


Did you always aspire to the music industry and who was your greatest supporter in the early days? Yes music was always my passion from as far back as I can remember. My family, particularly my Mother was my greatest supporter.


How did your fist big break come about? In 1988 I sang a national advertising campaign for the bicentennial celebration of a Nation. That opened some important doors for me.


Recording or Performing Live Shows - both have unique challenges – what do you love/hate about each? I love both. The recording part of my job is a very creative process and I love being in my studio but nothing compares with performing in front of a live audience.


You seem to have a penchant for Music Festivals – what is it that you like so much about being part of a Festival? If you could choose only one more Festival to perform at – which one would it be and why? I don't know that I could choose one festival over another. They've all been unique and wonderful!!


Fast forward to 2015 and you now reside in Nashville, Tennessee. Why the move? How does your US lifestyle differ from the Australian way of life that you grew up with? I moved to Tennessee purely as a personal excursion. I needed to get re-inspired. After completing a tour with my good buddy Tommy Emmanuel it just felt right to stay on in Nashville.


Your latest album “Tennessee Sky” has been described as your finet work to date. Is it true that you played all of the instruments on most tracks of the album? Tell us a bit about the album and how it came to be. Yes I set up a studio space in my house and recorded the guitar and vocal and piano and vocal at the same time to give the record a live feel. Then I added the other instruments. I also had some really wonderful special guests on the album. I had alot of fun making Tennessee Sky.


Finally – what can audiences expect from your Australian Tour which includes Lizotte’s Newcastle on November 6th? I'll be playing all my well known songs of course and some selections from Tennessee Sky and a handful of songs from artists that have inspired me over the years.


Thank you for sharing your time and yourself with our readers!



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