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Your Word is Your Wand

The way we communicate has such a powerful impact on everything we experience. The words we use can move others and move you. Some of the great orators of the past and present are powerful examples of the influential and ptent nature of language. Language at times can be compelling in its persuasiveness.

How many times have you wanted your partner, friend or colleague to “do what they say they will do”. How many times have you said that to yourself and criticised yourself for not doing that? There are a large number of businesses where this is the prevailing and dominant value.

At a deeper and spiritual level, the language we use is a symbol of the way we think. The words we attach to our reality become our reality. Language shapes our reality and is literally accepted by our unconscious mind. Words we attach to our experience become our experience. Changing our language changes our thinking which in turn changes our reality.

Whatever you believe you experience. Your beliefs are made of words and, therefore, can be changed by words. If your experiences are not aligned with your beliefs, then change your beliefs.

Your thoughts are made of words. Your thoughts create your feelings. Therefore the words you use to describe your experience also create the feelings that you experience. Change your words and you will change your feelings.

Despite what many say – “nothing you say is said for no reason at all”. Quite often I hear people say in response to their language - 'I was just saying that'. What you say will be at least a representation or an indication of where you are coming from in your thinking.

In the end, there are only two places you can come from when you say anything, love or fear. When speaking, “soothe” your words with peace and love and then you will be heard. Let go of all righteous and judgmental language as it just produces more experiences of righteousness and judgment. Using righteous and judgmental language is the quickest way to have someone shut down on you and not hear you.

  • What words/language can you use that actually express what you want?

  • What words/language can you use to express yourself without judgment?

  • Develop a consciousness around your language.

“A powerful agent is the right word. Whenever we come upon one of those intensely right words… the result is physical as well as spiritual and electrically prompt.” - Mark Twain

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