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Sarah McLeod: Up-close and personal

Sarah McLeod is best known as being the dynamic frontwoman and guitarist of 90's blistering rock band THE SUPERJESUS. Complete with smoky voice, big riffs and boundless energy, there's no denying that McLeod is Australia's pinnacle rock chick.

After re-forming The Superjesus last year to tour nationally with Canadian rockers The Tea Party, and recently finishing up sold out shows around the country with The Baby Animals. The Superjesus are back with a vengeance and with a new single The Setting Sun, there is also a spring in their step.

The Setting Sun is the first release from the Superjesus in 12 years and, based on the reaction of sell out crowds around the country, they are thrilled to have them back. People who have been to Sarah's solo shows might recognise the single. It's a song that has been kicking around in Sarah's solo set for a number of years but when she sent the song to her Superjesus band-mate (Tim) he changed it up and it's taken on a whole new life.

One of the many reasons Sarah is such a joy to watch on stage, aside from her sensational voice and passionate performance, is that it's clear she is a real music fan. When asked about the roots of her musical taste, Sarah says “I grew up on my parent’s old vinyl records. I was obsessed with The Beatles early work.

When I found out that they were the backing band for Tony Sheridan's 'My Bonnie' I played this track to death, and would sing it to anyone that would listen - especially my Aunty Bonnie!"

"This style of music has always been my foundation. In the 90’s I pushed it very firmly aside to focus on my ‘grunge’ phase. I never confessed to anyone that my tastes were living in the past, but now I feel I have come full circle, and it’s ok for me just to write what comes naturally."

On August 21, you can expect Sarah McLeod to turn it down a notch (well slightly), when the vivacious singer/songwriter hits the stage at Lizotte's Newcastle to perform a solo up-close and personal show with special guest, KJ. Suze DeMarchi is also headed to Lizotte's (on October 2nd). This will be her first solo date in the country to release her new album "Home" and is most definitely one for the diaries. For more information and tickets to both shows visit

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