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Whatever you experience.

A simple yet extremely powerful belief,acceptance of which can create powerful shifts within you and what you experience in your life.

Seeing yourself as abundant is based on this fundamental principle. Over the years many spiritual and self-development books have delivered the same message. Choose the life you wish to experience. There is a catch though, and that is the energy sitting behind or underneath the choice or belief. If you choose abundance from a place of fear or from a belief “that you haven’t got enough” you will not create or experience abundance, but you will experience more of “not enough.”

The universal law is that you need to choose abundance to recieve abundance. Abundance comes to those who already have it. It sounds unfair, however this is the way it works. How will you ever see yourself as abundant, if you don’t believe that you’re abundant?

The starting point, as with all things, is to first see yourself as lovable, valuable and okay, despite what things look or feel like. Then start seeing abundance in all things. Start thinking and behaving like you are abundant. Do it in small ways to start – the size is irrelevant.

It is the energy behind the act that makes the difference.

Then see yourself as abundant from this place. From this point, start acting out your belief. You can do it in small ways. The size is irrelevant and the universe doesn’t care. It is the energy behind the act that makes the difference.

Give away abundance of praise, assistance, support and love. Give away some money, clothes or food. Anything, it doesn’t matter – it will come back to you. In many ways.

“Each of us is a magnet! And as a magnet, you do not have to force success and prosperity to yourself. Instead, you can develop that exalted, expectant, prosperous state of mind that is a magnet for all good things of the universe.” Catherine Ponder, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity.

Rethink your possibilities.

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