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Choosing a Sofa for the Long Haul!

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At insideout, we believe that if you have money to spend on a new sofa, then spend wisely on a quality sofa that suits your needs and it will last you for many years to come and also be comfortable and look stylish. Purchase the best quality your budget allows and it will save you in the long term. By doing your research prior to buying, you will be less likely to make major mistakes…

Here are a few tips when it comes to buying a new sofa:

Size is probably one of the most important factors. How will this sofa be used? Media room, area to talk and socialise, sleep extra guests…? Always remember access to your property when considering the size of your sofa. Will it fit through your doorway, lift or staircase if living in an apartment?

Also, if you have a small space, consider smaller arms and also have one or two seat cushions to give the sofa a longer look.

Lounge depth kept to a minimum will also help. If you have a large room, you don’t want the sofa to look dwarfed and fill the room with a lot of unnecessary furniture. Consider two sofas in different sizes - the contrast of a deep-seated sofa, paired together with a narrow seated sofa. Add occasional chairs for a pop of colour or try using a different fabric from that of the sofas. This will give the room personality.

Go shopping armed with room measurements and a floor plan, along with photos. Also, consider what furniture pieces are staying in the room.

Construction - A sofa needs to have good bones to last for many years. Ask relevant questions about the materials used in the frame and also what is inside the structure eg. Springs, webbing, etc. Feather or Foam?

Are there other options? A quality Sofa will feel heavy and solid. Also remember to ask about the warranty of the sofa.

Style - What is the style you are trying to achieve? A good store will offer a service to visit your house and measure up, ensuring you make the correct choice. Also they should offer the advice needed to complete the look you wish to achieve.

Fabric - Leather or fabric? There are so many choices today - removable covers, fully upholstered, slipcovers and many types of leathers. Consider who will use the sofa and how often it will be used. Whether you have small children or teenagers still at home. With leather, if it is not quality upholstery leather, then it can age poorly and look cheap after a few years depending on how it is cared for.

Fabrics, if not chosen correctly can do the same. Some fabrics have a Teflon coating, making them stain resistant and they age and wear remarkably well. You can also use an outdoor fabric that will give you many years of use and stay looking good. Both these choices are designed for easy cleaning.

Colour - Choose a neutral colour and one to suit your lifestyle. White isn’t always the best choice for small children, even some adults. You may want to choose a darker colour when it is used by children or even a slight pattern.

Many great stain resistant fabric choices are available today in many colour options. Colour can be easily added using texture and colour in your rug, art, cushions and throws.

It’s always a great idea to get a sample of the fabric to take home before you make your decision too. Buying a sofa is a big commitment – it’s a long-term investment that will be a feature in your home for years to come. Arm yourself with information prior to purchasing and you can’t go wrong!

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