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SALT THERAPY | What's it all about?

The Salt Therapy Centre located on King Street in Newcastle is the only Salt Centre in the Hunter Region and only one of 20 rooms throughout Australia. It has two custom built salt rooms and supplies a full range of salt products including Himalayan lamps, cooking salt, salt pipes and bath salts.

Owner of the Salt Therapy Centre, Shawna Hartley says Salt Therapy is a non-invasive alternative therapy that is gaining recognition worldwide. We recently asked Shawna to give us the 101 on Salt Therapy.

What is Salt Therapy? Salt Therapy originated in Europe in the 1800s when it was noticed that miners in Salt Caves experienced improved health, particularly their respiratory systems and skin. During the last decade high technology has been able to recreate that healing microclimate - allowing Salt Therapy to reach the rest of Europe, and the world.

Salt Therapy typically involves 30 to 45 minute sessions in a custom built salt-lined room, inhaling a fine aerosol of pharmaceutical grade salt.

What is it used to treat? Salt Therapy is beneficial in three major areas:

  • Respiratory Issues,

  • Skin Conditions

  • Improving sense of well-being.

Those with asthma, allergies, bronchitis, coughs, colds, emphysema, COPD, hay-fever, sinus and other respiratory issues find great relief with Salt Therapy, as do those with eczema and psoriasis. Because of the high concentrations of negative ions in the salt rooms, most people find they achieve an elevated mood and are more relaxed, which attracts those with anxiety, depression and the winter blues. Salt therapy has the added benefit of helping patients to sleep easier.

What makes Salt Therapy a better treatment option that other treatments (either medicinal or non-traditional)? As a completely natural, non-invasive, 100% drug-free therapy, Salt Therapy supports your body’s self-healing and complements any prescribed medicines, often making them more effective.

Our clients prefer to regard steroids and antibiotics as extreme solutions rather than daily options for healthcare. Salt Therapy allows you to breath in anti-bacterial, anti-fungal support to cleanse your respiratory system of dust, germs and any pathogens that don’t belong in healthy lungs. It is a natural anti-histamine which helps pull fluids out of inflamed passageways allowing you to breathe easier as well as thin any mucous, making it easier to expel. Dry Salt Therapy has less bacteria than inhaling vapour or saline solutions.

What does a treatment involve? Salt Therapy is best regarded as a series of treatments to help support your body. Starting with a concentration of sessions in a short amount of time (4- 10 in a two week period depending on what ails you) and then tapering off to a maintenance routine of perhaps once a month or when needed. A single session is 30 min for a child and 45 for an adult. At The Salt Therapy Centre in Newcastle, children play in the loose salt covering the floor with sand toys and adults relax in lounge chairs with soft lights and soft music.

What types of ailments does Salt Therapy provide the most profound results for? Those with severe breathing difficulties (Emphysema, COPD and Cystic Fibrosis) find Salt Therapy to be life changing, improving their quality of life and ability to breathe easier.

We’ve also seen many dramatic effects for those with angry red skin plagued by eczema and dermatitis that have found salt therapy to be the only thing that has worked to help calm their skin. Recently we are seeing more people who have persistent coughs and colds find relief.

For more information visit The Salt Therapy Centre website at www.thesalttherapycentre.com.au or phone 4929-5712.

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