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Shaking it up at GOLDFISH

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Goldfish Bar & Kitchen has come a long way since opening our doors to the public in 2010. The idea behind Goldfish was to have the expertise, excellence and quality of a Sydney cocktail bar in the heart of the wine region.

A world class wine list, craft beers on tap and expertly mixed cocktails have proven to be a hite with locals and visitors alike, with Goldfish Bar & Kitchen being awarded ‘Best Regional Bar’ and ‘Small Bar of the Year’ proving they've got the mix right!

To celebrate the first issue of intouch magazine, Goldfish have shared the secret recipe forr their favourite and most popular cocktail recipe - The Espresso Martini.

On researching the history of the tantalisingly tasty drink, we found that there are slight variations of the story, but essentially the espresso martini was first created in the 1980’s by cocktail guru Dick Bradsell. Originally called the Vodka Espresso, he created the drink when he worked at the Soho Brasserie in London.

A young American model came in and asked for a drink that ‘wakes me up and then *#@$! me up’. The coffee machine was next to where he made his drinks so with the addition of a double shot of vodka, coffee liqueur and sugar, the espresso martini was shaken into the history books.

When ordering an espresso Martini the default base spirit is vodka, but can be enjoyed with whatever spirit you enjoy the most. In the recipe below I will use Vodka as the main spirit, but when making it at home, experiment with your favourite spirit and compare the results.


  • 60ml Vodka

  • 30ml Espresso Coffee

  • Dash of Sugar syrup (made by mixing equal parts of sugar and water until the sugar is fully dissolved)

  • 5ml Coffee Liqueur (At Goldfish we make our own coffee liqueur, but examples of the best to use are Kahlua and Patron XO, which work well if using tequila as your base spirit, or Mr Black cold drip coffee liqueur)

Add all the ingredients into a cocktail shaker with ice and shake, shake, shake. Strain into a martini glass and if you’re feeling a little bit fancy – garnish with 3 coffee beans!

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