FASHION TIPS & TREATS... Breeze through Winter with a coat (or two!)

May 26, 2015

Winter gives you the opportunity to up the fashion stakes. Nothing screams winter fashion more loudly than a beautiful winter coat or jacket.  I love coats and jackets not only because they are practical and keep you warm, I love them because they finish your outfit and can also hide a multitude of sins.  Under your winter coat you could be wearing absolutely anything or nothing and it doesn’t matter because if you keep that coat buttoned up, nobody will ever know. (Hint this is particularly useful if you want to be wearing tracky daks and need to do the school run, you know that you need to look your best for that little task given how tacit those school mums can be, also useful if you want to surprise that special someone in your life, wink wink I am not saying any more but I am sure you know what I mean.)


According to all of the fabulous young fashion bloggers, this winter has a very distinctive 1970’s influence, I cannot say that I remember the 70’s myself (well maybe just a little bit) but I am a huge fan.  For me, it’s all about the colours and the patterns, I mean, who doesn’t love a little bit of paisley, put that on a coat and it’s fashion paradise, for me anyway.


Yes I agree, it’s not for the faint of heart but, winter dressing is easy.  Smart casual = jeans, white shirt, boots, fab coat or jacket and you are done.  Business look, black knee length pencil skirt, black turtle neck, black boots long or short, fab coat or jacket, once again you are done. Evening out, little black dress, clever shoes or boots, fab coat or jacket too easy, voila, you’re done.  So really there are three things here, any article of clothing in black, a good pair of boots and a fab coat or jacket and we have instant winter fashion fabulousness.


 So what really constitutes a fab coat.  Pick your poison because this season there is a lot to choose from.  I think that every wardrobe needs a good trench, black is the obvious.  Everything works with a black trench, add a beret and a cool pair of sunnies and you are screaming chic all the way to the supermarket. This season we have coats with fancy buttons, coats with feature zips, coats in red brocade, coats with luxe fabrics, coats with fur collars, coats in animal print, coats in velvet (love a bit of velvet) in fact coats are everywhere and you really need at least 1 or 3 depending on how much you feel the cold.


If you think that a coat is too formal you can always opt for the jacket and lucky for me those are also available in paisley this winter as well. We are seeing the biker style jacket everywhere and in a huge variety of colours, patterns and fabrics. One of my personal favourites would be the little mustard number from Darling (as pictured) and it goes with my fashion theory for smart casual, business and evening dressing.


Ladies, this winter your best investment piece will be the winter coat or jacket.  And yes, it does get cold enough here to wear them. I promise, buy a coat it will make you not only look good but it will make you feel good as well. 


My Winter 2015 must have is a stunning new coat.  Trust me, I’m older, wiser and have made more fashion mistakes than most.

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